Compensators KompA

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Within the extension, we focused also on the production of accessories for Airsoft.

The first addition is a simplified copy of the compensator KompN2 Combat known as KompA2 Combat. Replacing the letter N with the letter A has already indicates that it is a product intended only for airsoft guns.

KompA2 Combat compensator is designed as a decorative accessory for airsoft guns. His pattern is KompN2 Combat developed for weapons in caliber 7.62 × 39 mm.

Vyroben je z tvrdě eloxovaného Duralu v ráži 6mm. Závit pro upnutí je velikosti M 14×1 LH. K fixaci na zbrani je vhodné použít pojistnou matici AK 47, která není součástí balení.


Technical data:
  • Thread: M 14x1 LH
  • Caliber: 6 mm
  • Length: 50 mm
  • Weight: 31 g
  • Material: Duralumin
  • Surface finish: sandblasted, black anodized